RFID Dance Project

The RFIDDP project was intended as a collaboration with the local dance company to examine the issues of modern day surveillance and the idea of reversing the cause/effect relationship of music on dancers.

The project was conceived on the morning of New Year’s Day 2007. It was initially only worked on during holidays and breaks from school as I was finishing up my MBA and working my full-time tech job.

I enlisted my partner as the musician, a few other embedded software engineers who wanted a project to sink their teeth into and a hardware engineer to help with layout and manufacturing. I handled the rest:

  • Project Management
  • Design concept
  •  Hardware design
  • Hardware bring up
  • System Architecture
  • Funding

The main challenge was modeling the gesture parsing engineer offline. It meant I needed to collect a large gesture library to feed into the group’s various ideas of how to do gesture recognition. Once we found something promising, we could move it to the embedded platform target.

Below is a video I made for the Hacker Fair in 2010 to explain the overall system.

[slickr-flickr tag=”RFIDDP” size=”small”]

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