The Open Source Hardware Spec and Why Should You Care

A few weeks ago the initial full release was made of the OSHW specification.┬áThe Open Source Hardware spec is the first attempt to start an open source revolution for hardware. At first glance it isn’t terribly interesting. It has a lot of license and definitions about what must be included to be OSHW compliant. And […]

W2Labs 003 is here

On Friday, I went to the W2labs reunion at Zeki’s bar. It was loud but the new batch of founders were very interesting and hungry for advice. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I am eager to install a new android app or two. Additionally, the @jenshine from the @stylegroupie team […]

What Startup Camps Can Do to Create Hardware Products: Reflections from my Women 2.0 Labs Cohort

It’s the night before my team’s last presentation and I am reflecting on my experience. Namely that as a hardware person, I spent most of my time feeling like a fish out of water because most of the focus was on web-based business concepts. Furthermore, personalities often shape who ends up in a team instead […]

[W2Labs] Week 2- Holy Sh!t. Where the Hell Are We!

It was a day my team was dreading: Thursday presentations. Every week over the 5 weeks, each Women 2.0 Labs team presents the development of their idea and gets a chance to be properly torn down by the guest lecturer. The feedback is a once in a lifetime chance but it can be a brutal […]